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Posted by on Apr 27, 2017 in Hypnosis | 0 comments

Can Hypnosis Help Cure Addiction?

When you think about solutions to addiction, the first things that come to your mind are drug rehabilitation centers, alcohol consumption programs, and other methods where the addiction is directly confronted. But there is an unconventional method yet just as effective, and it is called hypnotherapy. The pleasurable effects of alcohol, drugs, and other addictive activities and products are not just the factors that make them addictive. The abusers may have some underlying conditions that make them seek these activities and products, such as pain or anguish in their lives. The main goal of hypnotherapy is to address these underlying conditions to treat addictions. In hypnosis, patients will be in a state where they are completely relaxed but awake.

Complete relaxation may result into lower heart rates and blood pressures. It may also alter brain activity in a way that patients will find it easier to navigate through their subconscious minds. Having access to their subconscious make it easier for them to determine the underlying conditions that make them seek addictive activities and products, and this is the first important milestone in the hypnotherapy process. Making the patients realize that the problem is within themselves and not the addictive nature of the activities and products is important, as this will give them the will to solve their addiction problem on a more personal level. It also avoids the tendency of stubbornness within everybody, because of the combination of the relaxed state and the fact that the problem is more personal than they think. But hypnosis is not perfect. First, its effectiveness is not widely recognized by the medical community, even though hypnotic centers boast a high success rate. Second, there is no clear definition of what a hypnotic state is. Third, hypnosis is sometimes seen as too controlling, when in fact it is more like meditation.

Curing addiction through hypnosis remains an interesting idea despite its imperfections. It may be worth a try, because the idea that the problem is on the inside and not on the outside might just be the perspective we need to a true, long-lasting cure.