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Posted by on Apr 29, 2017 in Dog Walking | 0 comments

Why Dog Walking is Good for You and Your Dog

Walking the dog is not always the most convenient thing to do. First, it can be physically exhausting. Second, you don’t have the time because of your other priorities, such as school or work. There are also times where you are just making excuses. Sometimes, you really have the time to walk your dog, but you just don’t want to stop browsing social media and watching cat videos.

Dog walking may appear like a chore, but that shouldn’t be the case. It can be fun, not to mention that it benefits both you and your dog.

The most obvious benefit of walking the dog is physical improvement. Walking can be a good form of exercise, especially if you do it hard enough and long enough. This also means that your dog will remain in top shape, while you can start getting fit and reduce the risk of bodily problems that may arise from lack of movement, like obesity.

Since your dog is involved in an activity that uses up energy, it may avoid energetic and potentially damaging activities in your home, such as biting on furniture. It may also stop employing behaviors that typically means it wants attention, like constant barking.

If you really do not have the time to walk your dog but you want it to have these benefits, you can get dog walkers. According to the website of Walk! ATX, dog walking does not just result into healthier lifestyles and reduced stress, but also into increased socialization, as your dog can see, smell, and hear new things that they can’t experience while sitting around the house.

Getting a dog walker may have its advantages, but walking the dog by yourself is still the best option. Doing it yourself gives you a better relationship with your dog. You can spend more time together. You can appreciate each other’s company more. And, most of all, both of you stay healthy while doing so.